Ohio DUI / OVI Law Enforcement Ramping Up for the 2021 Holiday Season.

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During the holidays, folks take to the road to travel to spend time with extended families and friends. AAA states that travel during the holidays has continued to increase each year except last year due to the 2020 COVID outbreak; however, 2021 looks to be the holiday travel recovery year. Nearly five million people are expected to be traveling in Ohio this holiday season, and 90 percent of those will be driving.

Due to the amount of traffic during the holidays, there has been an increase in accidents linked to DUI (driving under the influence). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that, in the last 5 years, around three hundred individuals have been killed in DUI and OVI accidents during the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Each year in Ohio, DUI-related accidents have been the cause of several deaths during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, according to law enforcement in Ohio.

The concern of increased drunk driving leads to greater OVI enforcement during this time of year. Local law enforcement and the Ohio State Highway Patrol will add additional OVI and DUI patrols and DUI / OVI checkpoints. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has started again its yearly ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ campaign during the holidays, urging all Americans to avoid consuming alcohol and driving a motor vehicle.

Motorists stopped by law enforcement face being charged with a DUI / OVI offense along with a variety of additional penalties. Loss of their drivers, costly fees, court costs, and jail or prison time are just a few of the consequence’s should a person be convicted of a DUI / OVI charge in Ohio.

The most responsible and law-abiding individuals can be confronted with an OVI charge. That doesn’t mean that everyone charged with DUI in the state of Ohio is bad, nor does it mean that they are guilty.

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