If you are facing a DUI / OVI charge in Cleveland or in Northern Ohio make sure you employee the services of a skilled drunk driving defense attorney.

Law enforcement and prosecutors take OVI/DUI charges seriously in Cleveland and throughout Ohio. If the police have probable cause to believe you are driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or drinking and driving, they can ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test or a test of your blood and urine. In Ohio, driving is a privilege, not a right. The field sobriety tests (FST) are not scientific by any means, but are recognized and accepted in a court of law to support probable cause for an OVI/DUI or drunk driving arrest if the police substantially complied with the standards. As a licensed driver, you agree to take a breath test as a condition of your right to drive in the State of Ohio. This is called Implied Consent. If you refuse to take a test, you will lose your right to drive for 1 year from the BMV. We can help you to get driving even if you refused a breath test because we are skilled DUI defense lawyers fighting for your rights

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Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence in Ohio means driving while being impaired or have a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level of 0.08 or higher after drinking alcohol, taking controlled substances, or using other chemical substances. Common OVI offenses and issues associated with charges for operating a vehicle under the influence in Ohio can include:

●     Refusal to Submit to OVI / DUI Testing ( Implied Consent )

●     Felony OVI / DUI
●     First OVI / DUI
●     Second OVI / DUI
●     Third OVI / DUI
●     Administrative License Suspension
●     Underage OVI / OVUAC
●     Drugged Driving / OVID
●     OVI / DUI Breath Test
●     OVI / DUI and Prescription Drugs
●     OVI  / DUI Blood and Urine Tests

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If you have been charged with an OVI offense in Northeast Ohio, or any of the surrounding counties in Northeast Ohio, including: Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage, or Summit counties, contact Quinn Legal Associates for a free consultation at (440) 516-3800. The attorneys at Quinn Legal Associates are experienced OVI/DUI attorneys. We are highly trained and have great legal skills so we can help you avoid an OVI/DUI conviction. 70% of our cases are reduced or dismissed.

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