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Oftentimes, a DUI arrest by law enforcement will be reported to immigration authorities, which would affect your immigration status. With regards to unlawful immigrants, whenever they are unable to present a suitable visa or even a green card, when their legal proceedings are concluded, they could be deported.

A driving under the influence conviction will certainly affect your future in many ways. Regardless of whether it means loss of your driver’s license, jail, or perhaps a conviction of other criminal offenses, individuals who have been arrested for drunk driving and who are facing a conviction need to consult with an experienced Cleveland, Ohio, DUI attorney to understand their options.

One particular facet of the Ohio OVI conviction that many motorists might not have considered is deportation. A conviction for a criminal offense may lead to the deportation of both legal and illegal immigrants. The majority of criminal offenses that involve deportation are violent criminal offenses, called “aggravated felonies.” However, you can be deported in Ohio for an OVI conviction.

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A number of recent DUI cases show how prosecutors and law enforcement have been dealing with driving under-the-influence convictions for unlawful immigrants. As discussions in Washington regarding changes to immigration policy continue, numerous state legislators have been thinking about enacting steps to modify the deportation procedure regarding immigrants who are convicted of criminal offenses, including DUI.

As with any legal matter, you should reach out to an experienced attorney for advice. If you have been stopped by the police and charged with a Ohio OVI offence, it is critical that you contact us and speak with a experienced Cleveland DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

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