Don’t Hire a Ohio Dump Truck DUI Attorney

Anyone who is arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) will have to face criminal charges, and you will need a lawyer to defend your case. There are many highly qualified lawyers who can assist you, but it is always crucial to double-check before hiring a lawyer. Some have expertise in civil law, while others are criminal lawyers.  You need to check certain details and do a fair amount of research to make sure you have hired the right lawyer to help you. This is indeed a wise decision. Always dig a little deeper. Meet with a few lawyers before you decide.

Let’s see how we spot an Ohio dump truck DUI / OVI lawyer.

The first thing you need to do is analyze the information, such as how many years she/he has been practicing law, whether he or she is a specialized DUI lawyer, his or her percentage of DUI cases, how many DUI cases are handled by the lawyer, and his or her track record. Also, consider the location. Choosing a lawyer in a different location than where you live can make the process even more difficult. All these considerations will help you make a good decision on who represents you

Beware of Dump Track Lawyers: Dump truck is a term used by some lawyers to describe lawyers who try to make money on volume by pleading clients guilty at the early stages of the proceedings even without reviewing any discovery, pursuing any motions, or subpoenaing officers or criminals to DMV hearings instead of actually trying to win. In other words, they don’t fight for you.

You should know the traits of such lawyers. Such lawyers ignore your questions and use false promises like” I will take care of it’ and “You need not worry about that.”. They make false promises, like they will charge you less, and there is no need to appear in court. You need to be aware that Dump Track lawyers use all of these characteristics.

The relationship between you and your lawyer should be very personal. Select a lawyer who is personable as an individual. The personal chemistry between the lawyer and the client can be the most helpful factor in easing an already stressful situation for you. You have to discuss all the details of your case with the lawyer to develop the right approach to winning the case. Many lawyers are not equipped to handle the complicated DUI/drunken driving cases. Always remember that you should feel comfortable and confident with your lawyer when communicating and understanding the DUI charges. Recommendations/referrals from friends can help, but you need to keep in mind that the cases vary. Your friend’s case might be different than yours. Do not hire any lawyer who does a brief discussion over the phone without addressing all aspects of your case. Any good lawyer would like to meet the person and have a lengthy discussion with him, knowing exactly what has happened. If it is really not possible to meet the person, at least the phone consultation should be thorough.

Choosing the right Ohio DUI lawyer will save your driver’s license and help you reduce the DUI charge. Take your time to decide who to hire.

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