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Below is a list of possible defenses in a DUI case. Keep in mind, however, that each case is different. Your lawyer will certainly determine which of the numerous defenses below apply to you after a careful evaluation of the details and circumstances associated with your specific case.

Motions To Dismiss (normally):

- Police officer did not have a legitimate reason to pull you over

- Initial stop was made as a result of uncorroborated info supplied by an unreliable civilian witness

- Police officer does not have sufficient probable cause to detain and/or arrest a person.

- Prosecution cannot establish the necessary element that an individual was the driver of the motor vehicle or that a person was in actual physical control

- Violation of right to representation

- Police officer interfered or did not try to make a reasonable effort to provide you with with the right to obtain an independent blood test.

- Prosecutor did not file within a timely manner - Statute of limitations expired

- Defective charging document

- Facts are inadequate in order to support a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt of all elements

Motions to Suppress Evidence (typically):

- Suppression of statements for violation of 5th Amendment Miranda rights

- Suppression of field sobriety exercises for failure to obtain voluntary consent (coercion)

- Suppression of refusal to submit to field sobriety tests

- Suppression of the results of the HGN test (eye test) as it was not administered by a certified drug recognition expert

- Suppression of all evidence gathered after your right to counsel attached and the officer failed to advise you of that right

- Suppression of the evidentiary breath/blood/urine test on the grounds the officer failed to properly advise you of the implied consent warnings

- Suppression of the evidentiary breath/blood test on the grounds you expressed confusion regarding the implied consent warnings and the officer failed to clarify those warnings (Confusion doctrine)

- Suppression of the evidentiary breath/blood/urine test on the failure of the officer interfering with your right to obtain an independent blood test

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