If You Are A CDL Driver And Have Been Convicted Of A DUI In Ohio You Will Lose Your CDL And The Ability To Earn A Living For Yourself And Your Family. Contact Quinn Legal Associates If You Have A CDL And Need Help

A commercial driver will be faced with severe penalties if arrested for drunk driving. A normal driver, other than an underage driver, has a legal limit of 0.08 BAC. A CDL driver’s BAC must not be above 0.04. If any amount of alcohol or drugs can be found in your body, you’re going to be removed from the road for 24 hours. Nevertheless, the laws in the State of Ohio have become much more strict, beginning in 2005. Any individual with a commercial drivers license (CDL) may be arrested and charged with driving under the influence and face devastating penalties even if you are driving your personal vehicle. If you are a CDL holder and have been charged with an OVI/DUI your job and livelihood are at risk. At Quinn Legal Associates, we can help you keep driving, keep your job and avoid a disqualification of your CDL.

What Happens to Your CDL or Commercial License if Charged with DUI / OVI

Any of these restrictions are extremely harmful for individuals whose profession is driving for a living. Not only will you have your CDL license disqualified for 12 months if convicted of an OVI, in addition, you will experience other severe actions against you as a commercial driver.  In the event that you refuse the Blood alcohol content (BAC) testing, you will lose your CDL for one year.  The second refusal results in the permanent loss of your CDL. These types of circumstances will make any driving under the influence charge for any commercial motorist incredibly harmful. If you are facing these charges you must have an experienced OVI / DUI defense attorney.

We usually find good defense options, however, do not make statements in the course of your arrest. You need to remain silent.  Your lawyer from Quinn Legal Associates, Inc. will remain with you from the moment of your arraignment and throughout the process, fighting aggressively on your behalf every step of the way.

CDL license holders are subject to a different point system than normal driver license holders. If you are stopped for a DUI and have CDL you must take the breath test. If you refuse you could lose your CDL for 1 year. This is called a disqualification. Disqualification occurs if you are convicted of an OVI, test over the limit, or if you refuse a breath test and it is reported to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A refusal is reported when an Automotive License Suspension is issued to you. If it is not appealed. The first disqualification is for 1 year. You can get your CDL back after 12 months. If you have a 2nd disqualification, you can lose your CDL for life. Call Quinn Legal Associates. We know what to do to protect your CDL and what can be done to avoid a disqualification


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