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Here is an overview of the process for drunk driving arrests, to clarify some of the rights an individual has, and demonstrate how a skilled Ohio DUI defense lawyer can potentially assist you in Ohio OVI cases. Various phrases are used for these offenses: OVI, DUI, OMVI, and DWI, but in Ohio they all imply the exact same thing, and the correct term is OVI. In the event that you have been charged with an DUI / OVI, you have the right to be represented by a lawyer.

A drunk driving charge normally starts with a law enforcement officer pulling an individual over for a traffic stop. The police officer could be pulling a person over for any number of reasons. The police officer may well have noticed erratic driving in which leads the police officer to believe an individual is under the influence; the police officer may possibly have received a "tip" that the individual is intoxicated; the police officer could have witnessed a simple traffic violation such as exceeding the speed limit; the police officer may have noticed an equipment violation such as a defective tail light; or maybe you had been involved in an automobile accident.

If the prosecution wants to admit a blood test as evidence in an Ohio O.V.I./D.U.I. case, the prosecution has to prove certain procedures were followed for the blood test.

If the police officer instructs you to pull over, do so safely, and then have your driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance ready to give to the police officer. Whenever the police officer moves towards the vehicle and begins to confer with you, the police officer will be making observations. The actual most common observation in which causes the police office to further investigate is the scent of alcohol. The police officer will probably also be observing the overall condition of your eyes, the manner associated with your speech, your coordination whenever providing your license, your own attitude, the particular condition of your clothing, and other conditions that increase probability of intoxication. In the event that the police officer has cause to believe you are intoxicated, the police officer will most likely ask you to exit the vehicle in order to perform further assessments.

If an individual is charged with an DUI, the individual would certainly also face immediate im-poundment of your automobile. If your vehicle is actually impounded, make certain you acquire from the law enforcement officer the actual location of the motor vehicle. If this is your first DUI charge, you will most likely be able to pick up your automobile the following day however you will certainly have to have another person to drive it in the event that your license was revoked. In the event that this is a second OVI offense or more, you probably will not be able to pick up your motor vehicle until a judge issues a court order to release the automobile. A skilled DUI lawyer can certainly assist you in acquiring release of your automobile.

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