What is a Ohio DUI / OVI Charge?

You do not have to plead guilty and simply accept the O.V.I. conviction and its consequences.  As you can see from my winning court record, pleading Not Guilty and contesting the O.V.I. charge with an O.V.I. attorney typically improves the outcome of your case.”

Ohio DUI laws refer to drunk driving as Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OVI), Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) or Operating an automobile while Drunk, Impaired, or Intoxicated. OVI arrests lead to two different cases. First is with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. In this case, you've got a somewhat limited period of time in order to challenge the revocation of your driver's license. This is the bureaucratic, not the judicial, hearing.

The additional case under Ohio OVI laws is the criminal case. Usually, the district attorney will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you operated a motor vehicle while using any amount of alcohol or drugs which would have impaired your physical or mental abilities to an significant degree. When you have a blood alcohol level in your system of .08% determined by urine, breath, or blood  testing, you’re presumed to have been driving under the influence.

The penalties for being convicted of DUI / OVI depend upon your prior criminal and traffic reports, the quantity of alcohol in your blood, and the particular facts of the case at hand. Greater BAC levels can double the penalties under Ohio DUI /OVI laws. At the minimum (first time DUI / OVI), you’ll be facing a drivers license suspension, 72 hours in jail or 3 day driver intervention program, and a fine of up to one thousand dollars.

Multiple OVI's add to the harshness of the penalty and fines. For example, a 4th and subsequent DUI results in a no less than 60 continuous days in jail (with a maximum of twelve months), a fine of up to $10,000.00 mandatory alcohol or drug treatment, vehicle forfeiture, and a minimum of three year’s driver’s license suspension. If the Judge feels the case is severe enough, they might revoke your license permanently.

You need to understand that Ohio DUI / OVI laws state that if you’re found guilty of a DUI/OVI, you can not currently have a driving under the influence conviction expunged from your record. This includes both OVI / DUI cases as well as any previous or future minor criminal convictions.

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Ohio drunk driving laws come with severe penalties for operating a motor vehicle while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol If you have been arrested on a DUI charge, you should seek the advice of a skilled DUI lawyer right away.

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