Implied Consent Law

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In the state of Ohio, any individual who operates a motor vehicle inside of the state of Ohio is said to have given his or her consent to a chemical test of their blood, breath, or urine to determine alcohol content if arrested for Driving under the influence. A OVI / DUI suspect has two hours to comply with the request to submit to a test, and failure to do so within the actual two hour limit will certainly be considered a "refusal."

The police officer has to explain the implications a refusal will have to each Drunk driving suspect which is requested to submit to a test. Failure to advise the consequences may possibly result in suppression of the test results, so if you were not read or advised your implied consent legal rights and the consequences a test refusal would have, contact an skilled Ohio DUI lawyer right away.

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The police officer additionally has to inform you of your right to an independent analysis and make reasonable attempts to accommodate your request for one as soon as it has been made. In the state of Ohio, the police officer's are permitted to use "whatever reasonable means are needed in order to ensure that the individual submits to a chemical analysis of the individuals whole blood or blood serum or plasma." This also has to be expressly conveyed to you.

If you do decline to submit to a chemical test, or your BAC results are .08 or greater, you will receive an Administrative License suspension (ALS) for a period of 90 days - 5 years, based upon on exactly how many previous refusals or offenses you have on your record.

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