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If you, a friend or acquaintance has been charged with and arrested for a OVI with a commercial driver's license, we highly recommend that you to consult with a skilled Ohio CDL OVI / DUI defense attorney. An experienced Cleveland OVI defense lawyer knows what it takes to fight DUI / OVI charges related to commercial driver’s license CDL. We will investigate the facts of the OVI case and create a tailored defense plan to challenge the prosecution’s case against you. Don't wait call today for your free consultation with a skilled Ohio DUI defense lawyer at Quinn Legal Associates we will even come to you.

This is a critical matter in the event that you’re facing OVI charges in the state of Ohio. Nevertheless, the OVI / DUI implications for commercial driver license CDL holders might not only impact your freedom but could also affect your ability to earn a living. Facing Ohio OVI charges, failing a field sobriety test FST, or declining to take an OVI / DUI blood, urine or breath test could lead to instant suspension and even disqualification of your commercial driver’s license. These penalties would be in addition to the standard OVI penalties and fines for non CDL drivers face as well.

Call us today to set up your free consultation. At the consultation one of our experienced Ohio DUI / OVI defense lawyers will look at the facts of your case, listen to your concerns and questions, and explain all your legal options. We represent clients throughout the greater Cleveland OH metropolitan area and Northern Ohio.

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If you are arrested and charged with OVI / DUI in the state of Ohio then it’s likely your driver’s license has already been automatically been put under an administrative suspension. Should that be the case, you should consult with an Ohio experienced DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.


• We will Schedule your hearing for you
• We will review your criminal case along with any tickets and the Ohio BMV 2255 Form for an opportunity for temporary stay, ALS reversal, or termination
• We will provide representation in the ALS herring and any criminal case associated.

At Quinn Legal Associates, we have been defending folks in Cleveland, OH and throughout northern Ohio with OVI / DUI charges for more than four decades. The skilled DUI / OVI lawyers have experienced almost every situation that may arise in a Ohio OVI / DUI Case, including administrative license suspensions. We are here not only to fight for your rights and protect your future but we will also guide you through the entire legal process so that you understand and are prepared when you enter that courtroom. Call today and setup your free consultation with one of our skilled Cleveland, OH OVI defense attorneys we will even come to you.

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These videos contain valuable information concerning Ohio DUI / OVI issues

Ohio Residents Enjoying the Lakes and Rivers Need to Beware!

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Cleveland DUI / OVI Client Focused Attorney.

Ohio is a beautiful state with many lakes and rivers where Ohio residents routinely enjoy spending time with family and friends on the water. One thing you can bet on is that law enforcement will be out in full force this summer looking for avid boaters and other water craft enthuses that are operating under the influence. While out on the water many will find themselves facing a Ohio Boating Under the Influence charge or sometimes referred to a BUI . In Ohio, Boating Under the Influence or BUI is a Criminal Offense that can become part of your permanent criminal history. A Ohio BUI charge can also lead to the suspension of your driving privileges, similar to a Ohio DUI / OVI charge.

Ohio law states that a person is considered to be operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs if he or she:

  • Has a blood or breath alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater or ...
  • Is under the influence of any controlled substance or any other drug, or any combination of alcohol, controlled substance, or drugs that renders that person incapable of operating safely.

Ohio law further states:

  • A person who is under the age of 21 is considered to be under the influence if his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds 0.02%.

Cleveland OVI Attorney Pat Quinn The Ohio DUI Guy

Many of the defenses and issues involved in defending a Ohio Boating Under the Influence charge are very similar to those for Ohio OVI / DUI charge. As such, it is important to contact a skilled Cleveland DUI attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your future and your legal rights. Pat Quinn the Ohio DUI Guy will be right here prepared to help you overcome any type of OVI or DUI legal matter.



I recently was retained by a CDL holder who has one prior Ohio DUI / OVI conviction which resulted in a one-year disqualification of his CDL privileges over five years ago. He was charged with a new OVI in Cleveland Municipal Court. If he were to be convicted of this OVI, it would cause him to lose his CDL for life. However, if he plead to or was convicted of a lesser charge such as Physical Control While Intoxicated he would keep his CDL. It would not cause a disqualification for life and he could keep driving. He hired a local attorney who was able to get the charges reduced to Physical. He thought he could keep his CDL and all was okay, WRONG!

In Ohio the disqualification process is triggered by the issuance of the ALS (Form 2255 Administrative License Suspension) by the police to you. When the 2255 ALS gets to the BMV it is sent to the CDL Section and a notice of disqualification is sent out. The ball keeps rolling on the disqualification no matter what happens in court. The only way to stop this is by appealing the ALS and stopping it. That stops the BMV from moving forward to disqualify the CDL for life or for one year if it is your first OVI conviction.

I couldn’t help this client because his attorney never did anything to stop the ALS with the BMV. Even though the OVI was reduced to a non-disqualifying charge which would not cause the person to loose his CDL, the BMV went on to disqualify his CDL for life based on the ALS (2255).

BE CAREFUL – when you have a CDL and are charged with an OVI that you make sure your lawyer knows how to Protect you and keep your CDL.

As Ohio begins adopting medical marijuana use, here is an appealing point of view on the connection between binge drinking rates and legalized marijuana.


Binge drinking throughout the U. S. has reached an all-time record. Nevertheless, a new study from the investment firm Cowen & Company suggests that this kind of alcoholic behavior is actually declining in states that have made cannabis legal in the same manner as alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered that People in America drank over Seventeen billion alcohol-based drinks in 2015. Binge drinking by definition is where 5 or more alcoholic beverages for the average man, and 4 or more for the average woman are consumed within a period of about 2 hours. 37 million men and women participate in this type of activity one or more times per week, the report confirms.

Cowen the investment analysts firm published a information a couple years ago that offers a little hope for an America headed for cirrhosis of the liver outbreak. It would appear that excessive binge drinking may be on the decline in the states that have legalized cannabis. Particularly, it is those states like Washington and Colorado, some of the first jurisdictions in the U.S. to pass laws which allow marijuana recreational use, where binge drinking has become significantly less.

Most importantly is legalized cannabis use states, where men and women Twenty one and older can head into a dispensary and buy many different marijuana products, were likely to experience considerable less binge drinking than areas of where recreational marijuana use is still prohibited  Americans with lawful access to recreational cannabis tend to be choosing to shell out either all or some of the liquor spending budget on a substance which has been considered a much safer option.

DO I Need A DUI Defense Attorney?

The minute you saw those lights flashing, you possibly began kicking on your own for that beverage. Yet also after you have actually apologized, DUI cost is a glaring hassle on your long-lasting record.

The fine, which differs somewhat in between legal systems, can easily amount to $1,600 after featuring compulsory costs and analyses. A DUI charges will certainly suspend your license for numerous months at the very least, and years of probation.

Numerous states additionally call for DRUNK DRIVING institution or DUI courses that will certainly re-teach the hazards of consuming and driving. And relying on the court, extra needs might feature AA conferences, social work, and participation at "sufferer's panels." On top the fines and prison time, DUI record can easily keep you from obtaining an excellent task, deliver your insurance coverage premiums escalating and make you target for authorities when bars close.

While consequence is clearly on getting caught, however DUI regulation still enables you to unblock your report and make your past a bit more tasty for insurance providers and companies. In the majority of states, specialized DUI legal representatives can easily assist remove your record or also take out a plea and clear it totally.

The very first point to do is begin looking into neighborhood lawyers to locate one that focuses on DWI or DRUNK DRIVING situations. These specialized DUI legal lawyers have actually made a whole market around aiding individuals cleanse their reports. The most essential point is, seeing to it that the lawyer is accredited as a driver of breath examinations, approved as a fitness instructor for sobriety screening. Having these qualifications will certainly cover that your DUI lawyer will certainly have the ability to see any sort of errors made by cops, which will aid you bow out your fees, regardless of how long they have it on your record.

Some states, DRUNK DRIVING rules have regulations on removing reports. In The California, as an example, if you're offering a sentence or on probation, you cannot wage to remove a DUI record. However in various other
states, it's much simpler.

Whatever your case could be, all lawyers does is file a motion in court and you and your lawyer will certainly have to show to the court that it is the its best interest to take the DUI record off your long-lasting report. If the court approves your and your lawyer's reasoning after that, relying on the condition, you could possibly be based on diversionary courses or steering courses. The removing procedure will likely cost additional fines and lawyer costs, however in time, it suggests you will not be asked for added on insurance coverage or ever before fall short a background check.

Ohio Forced Blood Draws are Constitutional.

In Ohio, as opposed to most States, you do not have the choice of which one of these three tests (blood, breath or urine) you will take. The officer gets to pick the test(s) he offers you. The only choice you get to make is to agree to submit to the test or refuse the test.

In the past, if a motorist declined to provide a sample of blood, breath or urine, the accused driver’s license would automatically be suspended for declining, however there'd be no alcohol test to use as evidence against the motorist. Now the rules have changed just last year, when the Ohio legislature passed a law stating, if an individual with prior DUI / OVI convictions will not submit to a blood, breath or urine test, “the police officer who made the request may make use of whatever reasonable means are necessary to make sure that the individual submits to the required test of the individuals blood.

The law permitting forced blood tests has been recently considered by an Ohio court of appeals in a case where the individual was arrested for DUI / OVI along with prior convictions. The arresting police officer requested that the accused submit to a breathalyzer test, but the defendant declined, therefore the police officer took the defendant to the hospital for blood to be drawn. the defendant stated over and over again they didn't want their blood drawn as well as physically resisted any attempt to perform the procedure. The police officer restrained the defendants arm while the healthcare professional implanted the needle and drew the defendants blood. The trial court ruled that this blood test will be admissible at trial, thus the defendant plead guilty to OVI / DUI. and appealed to the District Court of Appeals.

Upon appeal, the defendant contended that the law permitting forced blood draws is unconstitutional because a forced blood draw happens to be an unreasonable search and seizure. The Court of Appeals found that the intrusion on an individual’s Fourth Amendment interests is outweighed by the promotion of the government’s genuine interest in public safety. Thus, the court came to the conclusion, any forced blood draw with these kinds of circumstances is constitutional.

An Individual with prior DUI / OVI convictions that refuses a breath, urine or blood alcohol test will be in a losing situation: there are going to be longer Administrative License Suspension for declining the test, and also the results of the blood test will be admissible at trial.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Drunk Driving Statistics

In America on average, nearly 12,000 people die every year in DUI-related accidents. 900,000 are arrested each year for DUI/DWI and a full 1/3 of those are repeat offenders. According to DrunkAndDriving.Org In Ohio alone 27 people out of 10,000 will be arrested for drunk Driving.90% of All Drunk Driving Happens After Drinking With Family, Friends, and Coworkers. There is almost always somebody around who could be part of the solution. Don't let drunk driving happen right in front of you.

DUI Accident Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in the year 2000, about 1400 automobile accidents involving fatalities had been caused by a driver with at least one other DUI or DWI conviction. This accounts for about 8.5% of all alcohol-involved automobile accidents where a fatality has occurred.

Any person who decides to drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel in the state of Ohio is just asking to be stopped by police and arrested for driving while intoxicated. To be considered as legally drunk, you must register a .08 or more on the breathalyzer. And, accident or not, the police can pull you over on a suspicion of DUI if you exhibit any signs of being under the influence while driving.

Big Changes Coming to Ohio’s DUI / OVI Law

April 6, 2017 marks a big change in OVI law in Ohio and how your case will be handled by the court. There are several changes that I will outlined below.  This change in the law was brought about by House Bill 388 and 436.  It was commonly referred to as the Ignition Interlock Bill or Annie’s Law.  An ignition interlock device is a breath testing unit that is installed on a vehicle and is meant to prevent anyone who has been drinking from operating that vehicle.  This is a device that is installed on the ignition of a car and it requires the driver to blow into it to start the vehicle.  The driver will also be prompted to continue to submit to breath tests while the vehicle is running.  If a minimum amount of alcohol is detected, the car will either not start or will shut down.

Prior to the April 6, 2017, if you take a breath test on your first OVI charge in a six-year time frame and test over the limit, you would be eligible to apply for limited privileges after 15 days or 30 days if you refused to take a breath test.  You would be facing a minimum suspension of six months with limited privileges.  For multiple convictions, the penalties increase significantly. 

After April 6, 2017:

  • The court can still grant limited privileges without an interlock device, but courts now can grant privileges for any purpose the court determines to be appropriate.
  • Prior to April 6, 2017, the mandatory suspensions that apply are:
    • First OVI Offense: 6 months to 3 years
    • Second OVI Offense: 1 to 5 years
    • Third OVI Offense: 2 to 10 years

After April 6, 2017, the mandatory suspensions that apply are:

  • First OVI Offense: 1 to 3 years
  • Second OVI Offense: 1 to 7 years
  • Third OVI Offense: 2 to 12 years
  • As an alternative to limited privileges, the court may grant “unlimited driving privileges” with an ignition interlock device. If the court does this, your ability to drive is not restricted at all.
  • If you are granted unlimited privileges with an ignition interlock device, you must also get a special driver’s license from the BMV that indicates you are required to have an interlock device.
  • While the minimum suspension for a first OVI doubled under the new law, the court may cut the suspension back to 6 months if the person is granted unlimited privileges with an ignition interlock device.
  • If you choose to install an interlock device and have unlimited privileges, any mandatory jail time related to the OVI must be suspended.
  • If you are granted unlimited privileges with an interlock device and you violate the terms of your privileges or attempt to drive after you have been drinking, the court shall impose the suspended jail time and double the license suspension or time without any driving privileges.
  • If you violate the terms of your privileges or the device reports the driver to have too much alcohol in their system in the last 60 days of their suspension, and the judge does not double the suspension, the judge is required to extend the suspension 60 days from the date of the violation.
  • Prior to April 6, 2017, if a person is convicted of two OVI offenses in a six-year time frame, they are subject to increased mandatory minimum penalties. After April 6, 2017, this time frame is extended to 10 years.
  • Prior to April 6, 2017, if a person is convicted of two OVI’s in a six-year time frame, they must have special yellow license plates on their vehicle designating them as a DUI driver in order to be able to exercise any driving privileges. After April 6, 2017, a person with a second OVI can be granted privileges without special plates.
  • However, if on a second OVI, that person is convicted of an OVI with a BAC in excess of .17 or a refusal of the test, they will still be required to have yellow DUI plates on their car in order to drive.
  • Prior to April 6, 2017, if a person is convicted of two OVI’s in a six-year time frame while operating their own car, that car is subject to a 90-day immobilization and it will be impounded, clubbed, or booted for three months despite that person’s eligibility for driving privileges after 45 days. After April 6, 2017, a person with a second OVI can have their car released from immobilization after 45 days when granted driving privileges at the court’s discretion.

The new law corrects a few problems in the law, but it also creates a few new issues.  Ignition interlock devices are not perfect and when a driver has one installed they are given a list of substances that can register a violation despite not having consumed alcohol.  These substances range from mouthwash to various food items.  This is concerning due to the new law’s requirement that if such a violation occurs the suspended jail time shall be imposed.  While “unlimited privileges” sounds nice to many people, it creates an issue for many areas of employment where the mere sight of such a device will cause someone to lose their job.  For this reason, it is essential to hire a DUI attorney who is up to date with all of the nuances of this frequently changes area of law.


Don’t Hire a Ohio Dump Truck DUI Attorney

Anyone who is arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) will have to face criminal charges and you would need a lawyer to defend your case. There are many highly qualified lawyers who can assist you, but it is always crucial to double check before hiring a lawyer. Some have expertise in civil while some are criminal lawyers.  You need to check certain details and do a fair amount of research to make sure you have hired the right lawyer to help you. This indeed is a wise decision. Always dig a little deeper. Meet with a few lawyers before you decide.

Let’s see how we spot Ohio dump truck DUI / OVI lawyer.

The first thing you need to do is you must analyze the information such as how many years she/he is practicing law , Is h/she a specialized DUI lawyer and his percentage of DUI cases, how many DUI cases are handled by the lawyer and his track record. Also consider the location. Choosing a lawyer in another location than where you live can make the process even more difficult. All these considerations will help you make a good decision on who represents you

Beware of Dump Track Lawyer: Dump truck is a term used by some lawyers to describe lawyers who try to make money on volume by pleading clients guilty at early stages of the proceedings even without reviewing any discovery, pursuing any motions, or subpoenaing officers or criminalist to DMV hearings instead of actually trying to win. In simple words, they don’t fight for you.

You should know the traits of such lawyers. Such lawyers ignore your questions and use false promises like” I will take care of it’ “You need not worry about that”. They make false promises like they will charge you less and there is no need to appear at court. You have to understand that all these are traits used by Dump Track lawyers.

The relation between you and your lawyer should be very personal. Select a lawyer who is personable as an individual. Personal chemistry between the lawyer and the client can be the most helpful factor in easing an already stressful situation for you. You have to discuss all the details of your case and the lawyer to develop the right approach towards winning the case. Many lawyers are not equipped to handle the complicated DUI/drunken driving cases. Always remember that you should feel comfortable and confident with your lawyer in communicating and understanding the DUI charges. Recommendations/referrals from friends can help but you need to keep in mind that the cases vary. Your friend’s case might be different than yours. Do not hire any lawyer who does a brief discussion over the phone without addressing all aspects of your case. Any good lawyer would like to meet the person and have a lengthy discussion with him knowing what exactly has happened. If it is really not possible to meet the person, at least the phone consultation should be thorough.

Choosing the right Ohio DUI lawyer will save your drivers license and help you in reducing the DUI charge. Take you time to decide who to hire.